DEIB certifications built by &
for veterinary medicine

The nation's first veterinary-curated DEIB training curriculum building stronger practices & healthier culture through research, discussion, workshops, self-paced learning and one-on-one consulting -All coupled with personal life connections to provide a uniquely tailored approach for the veterinary professional!

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To cultivate thriving veterinary teams that enable individuals to be their authentic selves, build trusting relationships, and belong within a diverse community empowered to increase the pathway of underrepresented minorities (URMs) into the veterinary profession.


We envision workplace environments that authentically celebrate diversity in class, creed, gender orientation, extraordinary abilities and ethnicity to be the evolutionary points toward igniting a positive culture of health and wellbeing!

What is blendVET?

A certification program designed to train & educate veterinary professionals on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) through…


Self awareness and self-improvement in the areas of DEIB.


Learning how to cultivate teams that celebrate the areas of DEIB in practice.


Ensuring a commitment to welcoming workplace authenticity in our teams, clientele, and communities.

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DEIB training for all of vet med

We offer everything from single session modules to full-service workplace certifications, all created specifically with veterinary medicine in mind.

CE Modules

RACE-Approved DEIB content!


Next cohort starts this Fall 2024!


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Customized to fit your individual needs!

Hear it straight from the source!

Mississippi State Veterinary Student
Student / Cohort 2023
"I feel very confident that I will be able to apply what was provided throughout the course to my life today! Many things were taught, but one thing at the very end that I feel like most contribute to my DEIB journey is to spend an allotted amount of time each day learning about a different community, culture, or aspect of others in the world today."
Shelby Malstrom
Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition / Workplace Certification
"Thank you for this program & to all of the guest speakers for providing great insight & education on the topic of DEIB."
Christie Verschoor, PHR, SHRM-SCP
Sr. People Ops Manager / Workplace Certification
"blendVET is building stronger veterinary practices and healthier culture with their online course and programs."
Cindy Trice, DVM
Chief Veterinary Officer / January Cohort 2024
"Love this program! I went through the first achiever cohort and I learned so much. It's not a rehash of things you already read ad heard. It's powerful, impactful information and the community and exchange are vulnerable, beautiful, and enlightening. I highly recommend!"
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What are the blendVET™ values?

Each module you experience, whether as an individual or as
part of a cohort, corresponds to one of the following pillars:


Build teams and community through the foundations of communication, mentorship, scholarship, and support.


Lead the transformation of veterinary culture at all levels of academia and the veterinary workplace.


Educate the profession on cultural differences and equity.


Navigate veterinary teams through conflict, healing, and evolution.


Diversify the veterinary profession and strengthen inclusivity.

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What can blendVET™ do for vet med?

Veterinary Professionals
& Teams

  • Remove business silos to educate & train culture awareness at all levels, improve employee wellbeing, and reduce turnover.

  • Empower veterinary teams to engage within the community & increase veterinary-client-patient-relationships (VCPR).

  • Partner with other blendvet certified hospitals on DEIB best practices, community mentorship, & continual commitment to the value of DEI in the workplace.

Veterinary Hospitals
(Private & Corporate Owned)

  • Increase recruitment & retention of diverse hospital talent and clientele.

  • Offer an inclusive culture where hospital team members and their communities thrive.

  • Provide hospital mentorship & support to aid the hospital team in increasing the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) pathway into veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Schools
(Students, Faculty, & Admin)

  • Increase veterinary school recruitment & retention of BIPOC students, faculty, & administration when implementing blendVET™ DEIB training/workshops.

  • Improve veterinary student engagement with blendVET™/DEIB faculty trained courses.

  • Introduce blendVET™ DEIB core curriculum concepts to graduating vet students prior to entering the veterinary workforce.

Veterinary Profession
& Industry

  • Remove workforce barriers by cultivating relationships between hospitals & underserved communities.

  • Improved mental health & well-being for all veterinary professional team members.

  • Engaged & passionate veterinary team members lead to an increasingly satisfied clientele, thus yielding greater revenue and market value.

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