DEIB certifications
for veterinary teams

Building stronger practices & healthier culture through discussion, workshops, and self-paced training.

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What is the blendvet® framework?

Teams undergo asynchronous training modules corresponding to each of the following blendvet™ pillars:


Build community through mentorship, scholarship, & support.

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Lead the transformation of veterinary team culture.

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Educate the profession on cultural differences and equity.

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Navigate veterinary teams through conflict, healing, and evolution.

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Diversify the veterinary profession and strengthen inclusivity.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matters.

of employees prefer employers who prioritize DEI
increase in employee retention for companies that actively manage their culture
of consumers want companies to act for the good of society
“Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a diverse, equitable workplace for business performance, innovation, customer loyalty, and employee trust. Diverse teams better represent the customers they serve, make decisions with fewer blind spots, and bring more varied and innovative thinking to problem-solving.”

- Harvard Business Review

What can blendvet™ do for vet med?

Veterinary Professionals
& Teams

  • Remove business silos to educate & train culture awareness at all levels, improve employee wellbeing, and reduce turnover.

  • Empower veterinary teams to engage within the community & increase veterinary-client-patient-relationships (VCPR).

  • Partner with other -certified hospitals on blendvet™ DEI best practices, community mentorship, & continual commitment to the value of DEI in the workplace.

Veterinary Hospitals
(Private & Corporate Owned)

  • Increase recruitment & retention of diverse hospital talent and clientele.

  • Offer an inclusive culture where hospital team members and their communities thrive.

  • Provide hospital mentorship & support to aid the hospital team in increasing the BIPOC pipeline into veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Schools
(Students, Faculty, & Admin)

  • Increase veterinary school recruitment & retention of BIPOC students, faculty, & administration when implementing blendvet™ DEIB training/workshops.

  • Improve veterinary student engagement with blendvet™/DEIB faculty trained courses.

  • Introduce blendvet™ DEIB core curriculum concepts to graduating vet students prior to entering the veterinary workforce.

Veterinary Profession
& Industry

  • Remove workforce barriers by cultivating relationships between hospitals & underserved communities.

  • Improved mental health & well-being for all veterinary professional team members.

  • Engaged & passionate veterinary team members lead to an increasingly satisfied clientele, thus yielding greater revenue and market value.

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We train & certify veterinary teams in DEI through self-paced modules, hands-on workshops, and facilitated discussions.
blendvet™ cultivates a thriving workplace culture of belonging, builds trusting relationships within diverse communities, and empowers teams to increase the pipeline of underrepresented minorities (URMs) within veterinary medicine.