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Why does DEIB matter?

of employees prefer employers who prioritize DEI
increase in employee retention for companies that actively manage their culture
of consumers want companies to act for the good of society
“Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a diverse, equitable workplace for business performance, innovation, customer loyalty, and employee trust. Diverse teams better represent the customers they serve, make decisions with fewer blind spots, and bring more varied and innovative thinking to problem-solving.”

- Harvard Business Review

What does blendVET certification entail?

Our certification doesn't just give broad ideas of what DEIB is, we give you tangible takeaways of how to improve DEIB based on your specific needs & culture.

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Self-Paced Modules

Explore and educate yourself with 8 RACE approved modules, supplemental resources, activities, reflective assignments, and 2 group facilitated enrichment sessions.


Following online course completion you'll submit at minimum a 250-word essay on your plans to move DEIB forward in daily practice, the profession, and the community. Your post-program workshop will include tools to assist with sustainability and inspiring discussion from your DEIB cohort members.

Community for the Long-Term

blendVET program Achievers receive access to "real-time" DEIB best practices through the blendVET community portal and begin their journey to fulfilling pre-requisite levels toward advanced blendVET DEIB certifications!

What will you gain from blendVET certification?

Increased Cultural Awareness

Increased cultural awareness helps you better serve your team, clients & community.

Create Lasting Connections

Build strong relationships with other individuals passionate about DEIB and its cultural importance.

Be a DEIB Resource to Others

Support DEIB sustainability and be able to speak intelligently about a variety of topics.

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Can we get a taste of the modules?

Our modules are developed by and for veterinary professionals and subject matter experts. Check out some of modules & featured speakers below.

Alyssa Mages, BS, CVT
Co-Founder & CVO of Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT)
Breaking Down Barriers and Finding Common Ground — The Culture of Communication

Language is a vital part of human connection which allows us to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with one another. Language not only has the power to build societies, but also the ability to tear them down.

This module discusses the importance of effective communication, techniques for conflict-resolution, and highlights the impact of interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds, countries, & dialects.

Angie Arora MSW, RSW
Veterinary Wellness Coach, Advocate & Educator; Professor, Seneca College
The Missing Link: How Does Discrimination Impact Well-Being?

Workplace wellbeing is often focused on improving weekly work hour or task overload. However, the stress that arises from workplace discrimination can have a major impact on an employee's attitude, work-life balance, and often times whether or not the individual remains with the current employer.

This module explores how wellbeing is directly impacted by a multitude of variables, from personal microaggressions to workplace discrimination or current events, and provides concrete ways to promote self-awareness and community care, which combat these areas of influence.

Pam Hale, DVM, MBA
Consulting Chief Operating Officer
Why Culture Matters – The Business Case for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in Veterinary Medicine

Current and historical literature demonstrates that diverse and inclusive business cultures improve team engagement, leads to enhanced innovation, and reduces associate turnover resulting in an increased profit margin.

This module discusses the benefits of recruiting diverse talent and consumers, and the effect of courageous leadership on hospitals who prioritize DEIB.

Mariacamila Garcia Estrella, MPH
DVM Candidate, Cornell University
Building Cultural Humility and Communication Skills with the Latinx Community

Currently, Latinx veterinarians make up only 5% of all veterinarians in the United States which means there are not enough veterinarians that can adequately meet the needs of this growing client population. While it is critically important to address this disparity, this process will take time, something that our Latinx clients cannot afford to lose.

This module will provide an introduction/starting point for veterinary professionals who wish to improve the quality of veterinary care they can provide to their Latino clients by understanding some aspects of their culture and why they may have difficulty seeking veterinary care.

Christina Whetsel
DVM Candidate, Michigan State University
Fair & Impartial Equality For All – Inclusivity for the Deaf Community

In the veterinary environment where pet parent education is key, it is critical to be cognizant of cultural & learning differences, including disabilities, in order to understand the populations we serve.

This module equips hospital teams with the unique skill set to support individuals with visual, motor, and language processing disabilities and become empathic and effective contributors of our community.

Mia Cary, DVM
CEO of Cary Consulting
The Celebration of Differences & Allyship

Evidence shows that diversity in the workplace contributes to innovation and higher productivity, as different cultural backgrounds introduce new ways of thinking, language skills, and experiences. Celebrating our differences and creating inclusive environments, opens the door to allyship, promotes positivity, and supports the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape a teams effectiveness.

This module focuses on the importance of diversity & allyship including self-education, leveraging privilege and power, and empathizing with others who are systemically disempowered.

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Pricing & Upcoming Cohorts

Achiever Cohort Pricing
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Summer 2024
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  • Sponsored by Hill's
Fall 2024
  • Open to all veterinary professionals
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